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While we were searching for duck duck trees 75cmx95cm

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My darling dad loved ducks.
He built a lake at the bottom of the garden, and would often be found calling to them.
We had competitions to see who could make the most convincing quacks.
Whenever we went walking, we’d keep our eyes peeled for ‘duck duck trees’ - hollow logs suitable for nesting.
I posted a WIP shot of this on Instagram a little earlier. Mum said to forget about the flowers…. just paint ducks.
But flowers always make me think of my beautiful mum. Always striking or sowing some treasure, and surrounding us all with such beauty.
In case you ever read this mum....Thank you.

This is an original watercolour painting on Arches 300gsm paper. It's off to Aden to work his magic. I expect it will be Victorian Ash, hand crafted and archival to measure approx. 74.5cm x 93.5cm.

This work may become available in alternate sizes as a limited edition fine art print.  'Chat with us' online for enquiries.