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Creating opportunities for you to say,
“I see myself, and this artwork is testament to my journey”.

I love this!!

It’s so true… I literally feel that, every time I look at my beautiful painting from Art on View."

— Katie

I had such fun

Moving things around my little sitting room this break, mostly because I have this fab new piece of art.

— Angela

Sarah, I adore your work

So many layers of meaning, let alone emotion evocation... You have a gift for narrative, and beautiful paintings.”

— Sara

Art sweetly delivers

Hello, I'm Sarah Wallace-Smith and, quite simply, I love to paint.

It's how I communicate when I have no words. It helps me to breathe.

When the work flows, I feel that all is well, and somehow, I’m happily juggling all those balls that make up one’s life. Equal measures of reflection, and fierce determination affect my studio practice on a profound level.

I have a gorgeous little gallery space in the heart of Bendigo’s Arts precinct. It leads through to my light filled studio, where I work, teach and hold workshops, sharing skills with like minded people just itching to try some new, fun things!

It's also where I come when I’m uncertain, when life throws me another curve ball, when going for a walk or talking to a friend doesn’t clear my head. I find that painting absorbs all my attention, my head, my heart and my hands focus in the moment. Minutes, or hours pass. What I’m working on can be meticulously detailed, or insanely frenetic….. that’s what I love, this time alone, immersed in raw energy, no rules, no structure, stepping through fears, learning. Always learning. Finding joy and moments of peace.

A newfound passion that I never envisaged, has been watching incredible women fall in love with the one-off pieces of art that I make. We now share a connection, a tangible outlet to express complex emotions, and experiences, somehow shining a light on our own personal stories. Often, these same women book a seat at my table to create something themselves.

They use art not just as decoration, but to tell a story unique to them.

When you have one of my pieces, or have created your own, you'll understand. You can say

“I see myself, and this piece is testament to my journey”.

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All framed works are archival and beatifully finished by local craftsmen.

Victorian Ash or Tassie Oak are the most popular, but we can discuss a custom order if you prefer.


shines a light on your journey without giving anything away

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